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At Staples, we have our own workshop on-site which allows us to supply your spectacles faster.


It also means that we can closely monitor the quality of your spectacles to provide the best finish possible.

Workshop Equipment at Staples Opticians

As mentioned in the lens section, we will use smaller lens sizes where possible, creating thinner lenses for you at no extra cost.

In the case of higher prescriptions, we will recommend the appropriate high index and or aspheric lenses.

We can offer a very quick turnaround on most lenses, usually with one hour service on single vision stock. In the case of varifocals and bifocals, we are quicker than practices without workshops as we cut out the "middle man". This also allows us to keep our prices low.

Another benefit of our on-site workshop is that in the case of an emergency such as you breaking your frame, we can often cut your lenses into a new frame while you wait. However, please note that this is not always possible with varifocal lenses.


Staples On-site Workshop

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