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Children's Eyecare

Regular visits to the Optician allows our qualified and experienced Optometrists to spot any potential problems at an early stage. As with the majority of medical conditions, the sooner eye problems are diagnosed the more likely they are to be successfully treated, therefore we advise that a first eye examination takes place no later than their 4th birthday. Earlier examinations are recommended if you have any concerns or if there is a history of lazy eye or squint.


Our Optometrists are experienced in assessing children's eyesight and will make the best possible course of action needed. Your child will receive an NHS eye examination when necessary up until 16 years old and thereafter if they remain in full-time education up to the age of19.


Letter Test Chart

This is the chart that first springs to mind when most people think of the Opticians. The test chart features a series of letters which get smaller as you read each new line. This quick and easy test is useful to identify if there are any issues with your eyesight.

For children who cannot read or even respond to any question, we can use a Retinoscope which gives us an objective assessment of the prescription. This tells us whether there is any significant error that needs early correction and in most cases reassures us everything is within normal limits.

As children get older they can match letters on a card to different sized letters we show them. Older still and we can show them pictures of common objects – cars, yachts, aeroplanes and so on. On top of all that there are other sensitive tests to check both eyes work together and that colour vision is within normal limits.


Visual Fields Machine

Vision is often measured by how far down the letter chart we can read correctly. But another very important part of our everyday experience of life is our awareness of the things further out in our peripheral vision. This wider visual awareness is known as our visual field.


Sadly there are some conditions that cause us to lose some or part of our field of vision, the most common of which is Glaucoma. Any condition that affects the nerve of the eye or the brain like strokes or trauma can also result in a loss of areas of peripheral vision.

As a result, we carry out routine checks for those at risk of loss of side vision.

Eye Examinations

We take eye tests very seriously at Staples Opticians, therefore, your eye examination will be thoroughly conducted with great care and attention and lead by our highly experienced team.


We pride ourselves in getting to know our patients, which then, in turn, allows us to tailor each eye exam to the specific individual. 

Your eye examination will last for approximately 30 minutes, to allow time for your optometrist to thoroughly examine your eyes and vision. During this time, you will be asked to complete a series of tests which are all designed to assess your visual needs and eye health. The range of tests are important for your optometrist to be able to accurately prescribe and recommend any eyewear if necessary. ​Once your examination is complete, your optometrist will explain their findings to you, including any updates to your prescription that might be required. They’ll also be happy to answer any questions you have, as well as taking the time to recommend suitable products for your needs, wants and lifestyle.


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